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2019 Programming languages you need to give a try

I have coded for close to 10 years in PHP, But my need for speed, performance and scalability lead me into serious search for a new framework, I tried CodeIgniter Which was good, soon I stumbled upon Phalcon PHP, Which was tagged fasted PHP Framework and it was better, I switched to it, But Still I needed More.

I stumbled on Go, It looked tough at first but then because of it performance I hard to give it a hard start, Soon it was easy, then I stumbled on Rust, Rust was really hell to deal with, I had to abandon it and continue with Go, But the speed of rust didn’t allow me abandon it for a lifetime, I tried going back but failed multiple times till I finally got hold of the language.

For programmers who really want to further the programming career I would really advise you to give Go or Rust a try.

But then I will have to tell you what to expect in this 2 languages.

Go is fast, Has automatic garbage collector, uses co-routines for concurrency and compiles relatively fast, While Rust is Fastest, Close to the speed of C/C++ Code, It is safe, It helps you do a lot at compile time, It uses no garbage collector, and also supports concurrency, But then it really takes some time to compile a project, a typical web project on my 4G Ram PC could take like 1min-30sec to 3-4mins to build on Debug Mode, Release mode might take close to 3x to build, But if you don’t really give a fuck about compiling time and also won’t mind to go through hell Rust will make a good choice, But if you are afraid of hell and want to get started fast, Then I will advice you to go for go. Go is more situated for web projects, But Rust can also do the same.

Next time I will talk about Web Frameworks or Libraries for this 2 languages.

Thanks for taking your time to read, see you next time.

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I am Lawrence From Nigeria, A full stack web developer and programmer, I also engage in desktop app development and mobile app development. I code mainly in PHP, NodeJS, Go Lang, Rust, TypeScript, JavaScript, Delphi, C/C++, C#, Android and Kotlin

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