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2019 Programming languages you need to give a try

I have coded for close to 10 years in PHP, But my need for speed, performance and scalability lead me into serious search for a new framework, I tried CodeIgniter Which was good, soon I stumbled upon Phalcon PHP, Which was tagged fasted PHP Framework and it was better, I switched to it, But Still I needed More. I stumbled ...

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Amazing advantages of Go that you don’t hear much about

In This article, I discuss why you should give Go a chance and where to start. Golang is a programming language you might have heard about a lot during the last couple years. Even though it was created back in 2009, it has started to gain popularity only in recent years. Golang popularity according to Google Trends This article is not ...

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Why you should learn the Rust programming language

A recent Stack Overflow survey found that almost 80% of respondents loved using or wanted to develop with the Rust language. That’s an incredible number! So, what’s so good about Rust? This article explores the high points of this C-like language and illustrates why it should be next on your list of languages to learn. Rust and its genealogy First, let’s start with ...

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Get to Know the Rust Language

The Rust language is a low-level systems programming language from Mozilla Research. Under official development since 2009, Rust saw its first pre-alpha release in 2012 and its first stable release in 2015. This makes it one of the newest programming languages on the block. However, it’s growing quickly in popularity. Developers love using the Rust language. It has won the ...

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Top Ten Things Beginners Must Know About JavaScript

This JavaScript tutorial for beginners explains in detail how Javascript properties work along with functions, loops, variables, threads, and more. Introduction No doubt about it–JavaScript is absolutely essential for any web developer. Gone are the days when you could get by with a little CSS and HTML. Fortunately, it has so few rules that it’s dead simple to get started: ...

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An Overview On Golang Programming Language

From the large variety of languages you can always find the right one that will be the most helpful for solving some specific task you come upon with. This article is a brief review of one of such languages called “GoLang”. In case you don’t know what a GoLang is here is a brief info from Wikipedia: “Go, also commonly ...

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