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2019 Programming languages you need to give a try

I have coded for close to 10 years in PHP, But my need for speed, performance and scalability lead me into serious search for a new framework, I tried CodeIgniter Which was good, soon I stumbled upon Phalcon PHP, Which was tagged fasted PHP Framework and it was better, I switched to it, But Still I needed More. I stumbled ...

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Amazing advantages of Go that you don’t hear much about

In This article, I discuss why you should give Go a chance and where to start. Golang is a programming language you might have heard about a lot during the last couple years. Even though it was created back in 2009, it has started to gain popularity only in recent years. Golang popularity according to Google Trends This article is not ...

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An Overview On Golang Programming Language

From the large variety of languages you can always find the right one that will be the most helpful for solving some specific task you come upon with. This article is a brief review of one of such languages called “GoLang”. In case you don’t know what a GoLang is here is a brief info from Wikipedia: “Go, also commonly ...

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